June 5, 2018

Student club/organization: Global Goals Club


Start/end date: 2018 June 5

Description of project:

The Global Goals Club is a club at BIS that focuses on two different Sustainable Development Goals every year. This year they have focused on 'Responsible Consumption and Production' and 'Sustainable Cities and Communities'



The Problem:

Thao Dien is a very busy area in HCMC in terms of both the amount of people in the streets but also the number of businesses catered to these people. This leads to people purchasing coffee in plastic cups almost every day. But while the environmental clubs such as The Global Goals Club and Greenr Minds Club are constantly aiming to reduce the amount of takeaway BIS students purchase, we are unable to do so for others. The amount of plastic containers, cigarettes, polystyrene, plastic wrappers, straws, candy wrappers, and much more trash in the streets of Thao Dien is insurmountable. Thus we                                                                                                   decided to make a statement. 



We wanted to contribute to the local community by cleaning up the trash that is so abundant in the streets outside of the school and in Thao Dien. However, we realized one clean up would only clean up the street for one afternoon. We understood that the next morning there would likely be the same amount if not more trash than what we collected. We understood this one time clean up would not be a sustainable solution to the problem. Therefore, through the clean up we also hoped to be seen by passerbys of the busy streets. In fact, many stopped to congratulate us for taking the initiative to solve the issue. Many simply stared. Some even asked                                                                                                     about what we were doing. But the goals was achieved. We collected 15 bags (1 meter in height) of trash in less than two hours, we were noticed. Hopefully our initiative will encourage locals to also take action into their own hands and try to reduce their littering and use of single use plastic. 


Process of creation/launch: 

The Plan:

Organize a small clean up with the aid of the local NGO, Clean Up Vietnam. 

  1.  Draft Clean Up Proposal for the school's approval.

  2.  Contact Clean Up Vietnam and arrange meeting to               ​​ discuss logistics.

  3. Pay to utilize clean up kits: tongs, gloves, re-usable bags.

  4. Contact school management to find out where the scho-

      ols trash is sent to. 

  5. Arrange for school to take care of proper recycling of

      trash collected during clean up. 

  6. Contact members of The Global Goals Club and Greener

      Minds Club to inform them of the clean up and ask for t-

      heir participation. 

  7. Create letter to parents for approval of students participation.

  8. Meet at BIS at 8:00am on Saturday 3rd of March to begin together. 



Reflection/ Next Steps:


Future Targets:

We hope to arrange more clean ups in the future and hopefully encourage all BIS students to join. We definitely look forward to encouraging or inspiring other schools to arrange clean ups of their own in their local communities. 



  1.  It is very tiring and thus would recommend to do no more than two hours (especially under the sun).

  2.  It is very important to have water to drink at all times as it can get very hot and tiring at times (stay                          hydrated) 

 3.  Carry sunblock with you to protect from the sun (take a hat as well).

 4.  Wear comfortable closed shoes as you may encounter sharp objects like shards of glass in the street. 

 5.  Arrange a midpoint to take a rest and switch out bags for empty ones. 

 6.  Check out to find risk assessment of clean up





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