Green Week at AIS

Student Organization: Project Planet 


Start/End date: April 19th  - April 23rd 2018


Description:  Firstly, we had a sale of the first-ever GIN t-shirt. Those shirts sold like hotcakes. Secondly, we collaborated with our school’s food caterer, Viva Food, to not use plastic on the 19th and 20th of April. On those two days, no plastic straws, cups and disposable plates were in sight. Large pieces of paper were being rolled as a substitute to plastic plates. Initially, when I discussed this idea with Mr Eric two months ago, he was very helpful and supportive in helping us. As the dates got closer, after a couple of emails, everything was ready to go.


Purpose/Mission: Not using any plastic products but replace them with papers.






On the first day, some students were complaining about having no straws to drink their smoothies etc. Some students also made comments such that it was inconvenient for their food to be placed on papers instead of disposable plates. However, on the second day, more of the students adjusted to the change of not using plastic. With this activity, we have realised that, not only are students to adapt to the changes but the food caterer too. Viva Food was able to come up with plastic alternatives while navigating through the non-usage of plastic products situation.


As this was our pilot test for working with the school’s food caterer on not using plastic product, it can be counted as a successful one. In the future, we are planning to implement for a longer duration in our school.








Green Dress Day:

We also had a Green Dress day on the 22nd of April where lots of students participated in. That made the school feet like it was almost drowning in a sea of green. Some students certainly took it to the next level as seen below.



Next Steps: 

Even though, it was the first time in our school that we had a Green week, it was very successful. Thus, Project Planet have already start planning to have such events for a longer duration.



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