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Are Plastic Bags Necessary? Go Clean Go Green’s Alternative!

March 2, 2018

Student Organization: Go Green Go Clean, an environmental club at ISCHMC

Start/End date: ongoing 

Description :  Almost all the everyday shopping from clothing to food provides a plastic bag in handy. It’s a convention that we’ve developed without taking into consideration the consequences it makes. Sure they are convenient and cheap, but in the end of the day, we throw them in the trash where they will never dispose and pollute the environment. Therefore, one of Go Clean Go Green’s approach to resolve this issue is to make cloth bags in replace for the plastic ones. To do so, we’ve gathered the ISHCMC community to donate their old clothes. Once collected, we experimented on bag designs.


Purpose/Mission : One of Go Clean Go Green’s approach to resolve this issue is to make cloth bags in replace for the plastic ones. 



Although we are still during the experimentation process, our plan has been sketched out as follows:


1. Categorise the designs of each piece of cloth: T-shirts, shorts, leggings, trousers, thick fabric, cotton,...Search via the internet ways in which we could make a bag out of the clothing design.


2. Complete 1 collection by beginning of April 2018 which includes 50 cloth bags.


3. Contact ‘The New Playground’ (an underground shopping hall for teenagers) for their permission to stand outside the area and ask buyers if they could replace their plastic bag from shopping for our cloth bag (for free).


4. Once approved, implement idea on a weekendRepeat with a new collection if the idea works out (in which over 25 cloth bags are exchanged) and spread towards more stores.



Target Audience


The reason for choosing ‘The New Playground’ as an initial location is because our first target group of audience are teenagers. We believe that teenagers are more prone to changing their habits for a good cause. Once teenagers can comply with us, people of a wider target population will follow. Also, this shopping hall is where many plastic bags are brought home when purchasing an item there. If this plan works out, we will target on a wider audience and larger stores to furthermore reduce plastic usage. 



Potential Risks

However, we must consider the potential risks and potential reasons for failure of our plan. This has been displayed as follows:

  • The cloth bag design is not aesthetically pleasing and size is not enough for a certain buyer

  • The over-crowdedness of the area may restrict us from talking to everyone as they walk out


Reflection & Next Steps: 

We are still currently thinking of ways to address these limitations. In addition, we hope to gather an experienced sower to teach the members of our group how to maximize space and enhance aesthetics during the sewing process.


Also, if anyone after reading this article can think of a way to resolve our issues or improve our plan, please contact our CAS group leader: Huong Bui (email: s00048@ishcmc.edu.vn). 





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