The War on Plastic: Plastax Campaign - ESCA13 CIS


Student Organization: ESCA 13


Start/End date: 2017 ~ ongoing


Description: Our club worked tirelessly to create a proposal, went through three meetings with the Principals and the May Cafe Staffs and we are happy finally to announce that the project is underway.


Purpose/Mission: Our purpose is reduce plastic waste at out school, CIS by discouraging the usage of single-use plastic. 





The premise of our Plastax Campaign is to discourage the excessive usage of plastic. The first initiative is to encourage students and staff to use reusable cups at the May Cafe instead of the disposable plastic cups. Thanks to support from May Cafe, we are also happy to introduce a Promo Card where students who use reusable cups can get a stamp and after 10 stamps they will get one drink for free! Students have two options in the May Cafe to be able to use this card. Their first option is to use their own cups or they can buy our limited edition GIN cups for only 65,000VND that come with a straw and removable lid.



The campaign is very simple, it is still a work in progress with many new Plastic Reduction ideas to come, but we are thankful to see our campaign is growing. Even in the short period of time since the launch at the CIS Junior Leadership Camp, we have seen many students who have been bringing their own bottles to school in order to reduce plastic and get involved with our club. On behalf of the club and the environment, we would like to thank the many students who have been taking part in this initiative to help us solve the plastic issue!  




Jayden Tran, Holley Nguyen, and Khai Phan are ESCA 13 Club Leaders, from CIS Grade 10.


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