Adding Your Group: A How-To

September 14, 2017


Are you a student with a passion for conservation?

Are you part of a club or organization making a difference for the environment?


Welcome to Grassroots.


What you should know:

As part of the network, we may ask you to contribute from time to time. Examples:

  • A short description of a local environmental issue in Vietnam for "The Issues" page

  • Social media competitions, campaigns


What you will gain:

  • A public record of your amazing work!

  • Valuable connections across Vietnam

  • Feedback and help from experts and other groups

  • Social media boost to raise awareness


If all of that sounds great, we'd be happy to add you to our network!

Simply follow the steps below:



1) Look around our website. There may not be much now, but take a look at "Projects," "Our Issues," and "Our Network."

  • Think: what can I add to the network?


2) Think about your initiatives: what projects have you worked on? What projects are you currently working on?

Keep in mind: each applicant must contribute at least one past/current project for public reference

  • Whether failed or successful, we're looking for insightful reflection -- how can others learn from you?

  • If any, what resources can you contribute?

  • Note: in your application, just give us a brief overview of this. We'll look for a more thorough description of your project once you've been added. 


3) Finally...

Send us an email at Please include:

  • An introduction: what do you want us to know about you?

    • Include your group name, school (if applicable), and vision

    • Attach a picture of your group (selfies/silly pictures are fine!) 

  • A brief overview of your past project(s)

  • Any questions you still have!


Looking forward to seeing all of your amazing work,

Grassroots Team




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