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sustainable design

Grassroots Network is a space created by and for students championing


environmental action,

March 25, 2018

Student club/organization: Go Green Go Clean, the environmental club at ISHCMC led by Huong Bui and Vivek Mallik.

Start/end date: 2018, March 25th

Description of project: Plastic Bottle Bricking

Purpose/mission: Our purpose was to reduce the school's ecological footprint...

February 25, 2018

Student Organization: Collaboration between RMIT students from the School of Communication and Design and the local NGO Vietnam Sach va Xanh, “Green Turtle Army”.

Start/End date: On Wednesday, December 13th

Description: Grassroots Network was invited to attend the launch...

December 25, 2017

Student Organization: EcoSSIStem

Start/End date: 2018 (ended)

Description: The EcoSSIStem Club has been trying to resolve an ongoing battle at SSIS that -- some say -- has lasted up to ten years. That problem is the incredible amount of plastic waste we produce from our...

November 19, 2017

Process :

This is the fourth part of EcoSSIStem's Compost Series, based on our project design and process.

By Spring Break, we had finished all construction.

Now that we had our compost bins ready for use, we began planning the next few weeks carefully. Earth Day was...

Student Organization: ESCA 13

Start/End date: 2017 ~ ongoing

Description: Our club worked tirelessly to create a proposal, went through three meetings with the Principals and the May Cafe Staffs and we are happy finally to announce that the project is underway.


October 31, 2017

Process :

This is the third part of EcoSSIStem's six-part Compost Series, based on our project design and process.

Gathering supplies

During this stage, it helped so much to have the guidance of one of our maintenance staff, Mr. Khue. He was able to acquire all of our mat...

October 13, 2017

Process : 

This is the second part of EcoSSIStem's six-part Compost Series, based on our project design and process. 

the proposal

After educating ourselves about the different types of composting, we decided on the rotating tumbler bin model. From there, we began co...

September 19, 2017

This is the first part of EcoSSIStem's six-part Compost Series, based on our project design and process. Stay tuned for more!

Student club/organization: Global Issues Network Club

Start/end date: 2016-17 school year

Description: We decided to begin the Compost Projec...

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